I am a wedding and portrait photographer.

I do not cure cancer, neither can i stop the path of a tornado nor land a spaceship.
i take pictures and create images.
And my gifts affects lives.
For in front of my camera stand people, and people, well, they often wear masks to disguise as a smile and beneath those smiles are hidden things..
The unspoken insecurities like:
"i am fat, i am ugly, i am not worthy of having my picture taken" etc.
i don't know this of course because people wont share it and i cant blame.

But It is my job to create images that silences those fears, prove those fears unfounded and shout louder than the lies of our insecurities.
it is my job to create images that say "you are perfect"
"you are beautiful"
"you deserve the attention"
My gifts as a photographer may not save lives,
but never doubt its importance.